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How Long Does an End of Tenancy Clean Take?

  • Posted by: Sebastian Grayson
How Long Does an End of Tenancy Clean Take - bathroom cleaning

Whether you are coming to the end of your current tenancy agreement or you have found a more suitable property to move to, arranging an end of tenancy clean ensures that you hand the property back to the landlord in the best condition and put yourself in with a better chance of getting all of your security deposit back. If you are preparing to move out, you may be wondering ‘how long does an end of tenancy clean take?’, so that you can book it for the most appropriate time.

How Long to Expect

The length of time that you can expect a professional end of tenancy cleaning service to last will depend on a number of factors. These include the size of the property, whether or not you require additional services such as carpet cleaning, and how much clearing there is to be done. A property that is well-maintained and already generally clean will take less time to deep clean compared to one that has not been well-maintained, for example.

When Should You Book the Cleaning Service?

You will ideally want to book your end of tenancy cleaning services for as close to the end of the tenancy as possible, to minimise any risk of the property becoming dirty again before you hand the keys back to your landlord or letting agent. SimplyEasy Cleaning offers cleaning services throughout the week with a choice of either a 9 AM or a 3 PM slot depending on your needs.

It’s worth booking the cleaning service in advance so that you can discuss any additional services such as carpet cleaning that may be necessary and determine how long the service is likely to take, making it easier for you to book the most optimal time and date.

Booking the Cleaning Service Last

End of tenancy cleaning in London can take a full morning or afternoon, or even longer depending on what needs to be done. The best time to book your cleaning service is right at the end of the tenancy. Ideally, try and have a day free for the cleaning service in between moving your things out of the property and handing the keys back to your landlord. This will help to speed up the cleaning process if the property is relatively empty and therefore easier to clean. It also reduces the risk of the moving process causing certain areas of the property to become dirty again.

What’s Included

Knowing what’s included with professional end of tenancy cleaning services can help you determine how long you can expect it to take depending on the size of the property. Throughout the house, all painted woodwork will be thoroughly wiped down and ceilings, light fittings, light shades, switches, mirrors, fire surrounds, radiators and skirtings will be vacuumed, dusted, and polished. If applicable, carpets will be vacuumed and steam cleaned. All other floorings will be vacuumed and washed where needed.

Windows will be cleaned both internally and externally, and any drawers, cupboards and shelves will be thoroughly emptied and cleaned. Any furniture that is included with the tenancy will be cleaned appropriately. Bathroom furniture and tiles will be cleaned, de-scaled and polished, and any white goods that are included in the tenancy agreement will be cleaned, degreased, defrosted, and filtered cleared as appropriate and necessary. All bins will be emptied and cleaned.

The length of time that you can expect a professional end of tenancy cleaning service to take will depend on the condition of the property, the size of the property, and any additional services that you require.

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