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What is an End of Tenancy Clean?

  • Posted by: Sebastian Grayson
What is an End of Tenancy Clean?

If you’re going to be moving out of a rented home soon, you may be thinking “What is an end of tenancy clean? ” A professional end of tenancy cleaning service is the ideal choice. This type of cleaning service ensures that the property is thoroughly and professionally cleaned throughout, ready for the next tenants to move in.

Check your rental agreement contract as you may be responsible for ensuring that an end of tenancy clean is carried out before your move out-date.


The bathroom is another important room in the house that should be returned in a perfectly clean condition. Your end of tenancy professional cleaning services will focus on making sure that the bathroom is free of any dirt and mould. Drains will be unblocked if necessary, tile grout will be cleaned and the bathroom furniture and fixings will be disinfected and wiped down.

Mirrors will be cleaned and polished and any bathroom cupboards will be thoroughly cleaned inside and outside.


Returning the kitchen to top condition is essential. Your professional end of tenancy cleaning service will ensure that every surface of your kitchen is gleaming. Any white goods or appliances that are included as part of your rental contract will be thoroughly cleaned and defrosted if necessary.

Cleaners will work on the inside of the cupboards, on the sideboards, and in any hard-to-reach areas. The sink and taps will be thoroughly descaled and if the property has a dishwasher, the filter will be cleaned along with the rest of the appliance.

Rest of the Home:

Your end of tenancy clean will cover all areas of your home to ensure that all surfaces and structures are returned in top condition. All ceilings, walls, and floors will be cleaned, polished, dusted and vacuumed.

Any painted woodwork such as skirtings, door frames, window frames and fire surrounds will be wiped down along with disinfection of high-touch areas like stair railings, light switches, and door handles. Cupboards, shelves, and draws will be emptied and completely cleaned. If soft furnishings are included in your tenancy, they will be vacuumed and deep cleaned.

Professional Cleaning Vs End of Tenancy Cleaning

An additional way to answer the question “What is an end of tenancy clean?”, is to look at the differences between standard professional cleaning Vs a professional end of tenancy clean.

Professional cleaning is often booked to focus on one area of the property or as a regular service to help the homeowner or tenant stay on top of their cleaning. On the other hand, end of tenancy cleaning is much more thorough and detailed since it is designed to prepare the property for another tenant to be moved in.

As a result, an end of tenancy cleaning often covers those areas that may not always be included in general professional cleanings such as inside of cupboards and the ceilings.

How Do I Book an End of Tenancy Clean?

Whether you’re moving to a new rental property or you are a landlord, handing a clean and gleaming property back to your landlord is the best way to make sure that your security deposit is returned, provided that there is no other damage to the property. 

You can book your Simply Easy Cleaning end of tenancy clean at our website or by giving us a call. We are happy to accommodate any sized property and have strict policies in place to protect our employees and customers during the COVID19 crisis.

Along with the general end of tenancy cleaning service, you can also choose to add additional services to your cleanings such as deep carpet cleaning for all or part of the property or an anti-viral clean, which involves fogging the property with disinfectant and can be useful to rid it of the novel coronavirus and other bugs. 

If you’re moving out of a rented home, we’re here to help you get it in top condition for the next tenants.

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